10 Exciting Web Design Trends for 2020

The word trend is very common and people often use it in their day to day life but it creates a major impact in their life. Whether you are a professional fashion designer, makeup artist, digital marketer or web designer you have to be on track with the trends, wherever trends go, you have to follow it there.

Talking about the life of a digital marketer and web designer it’s quite happening, they have to be updated every single minute and upgrade themselves with the changing fashion of online presence.

What is web design?

Web design is all about the looks of your website though you can also call the presentation of the website. The way content, icons, images or sliders introduced are part of web designing. The simple meaning of web designing will be conceptualizing, planning and developing electronic files that exhibit the layout, colors text styles, structure, graphics, images along with the use of interactive features that attract and provide complete information to the visitor.

This interaction keeps on changing and such change is not visible in a day rather it includes the day-to-day minimal changes comprising to one large. These changes in professional terms are known as trends and the trends in web design include the experiments with technicality and styles to make it more responsive and presentable.

Now get to know the changing and must use web design trends for 2020.

Embracing the dark mode

One of the main and necessary trends for 2020 will be embracing the dark mode of visibility. In this, the designer will be focusing on UI designs with an option for users to change the mode of viewing according to their feasibility. This ultra-modern design will outstand the design elements and will be easy for eyes because now 70% of the audience spend their time on smartphones or other digital items.

Moreover, the dark mode will enhance the contrast ratio, and improve the visual ergonomics with less strain on the eye. “Dark mode is already in use and it is getting hotter by day.”

Implementing hand-drawn designs

Every web design services provider or a designer hopes to create a personal touch on customers that’ll make them come again and again. There is an abundance of talents in the world and there are people who design imperfect things with a meaning. With the incorporation of these talents, web design trends are making a new impact on the people.

Now, people will feel a real connection with the site and generating positivity via unique styles of hand-drawn icons hence, creating a brand personality and making companies stand out from the competition. Encourage the messy and scratchy hand-drawn illustrations in 2020.

Incorporating 3D technology

If anyone is thinking of renovating and creating new websites then hire a web design agency, who upholds the creativity of 3D technology in graphic designing and interaction design. Such technology was getting restrained because of expensive equipment, software and price tags but now it is eradicated.

Designers are providing mainstream and cost-effective 3D effects work that makes people glue their eyes to the screen. The UI, UX and web development are changing into virtual reality and bridging the gap between digital space and reality.

Texts and shadows are new champions

3D effects can be very powerful and soften it, texts and soft shadows can add a subtle tone. Hence, creating depth and interest with the 3D technology and graphics. The soft-touch of 2D layouts gives a lighter feel, creating a flowing or floating presence on the website.

The flat and inconsistent theme is long gone, now it’s a time of sharp contrast with a classic touch, making the elements float.

Combo of graphic illustration and photography

Photographs are part of life, various channels and accounts are sharing their stories and thoughts in writing on the photographs. Using multiple color graphs and texture on the background, highlighting the content over it. In the same way in web design trends using graphic and textured background with the image over it.

It’s like using a chroma screen at the back. This kind of innovation helps in communicating with the audience and customizing messages, creating memorable visuals with a touch of creativity.

Minimalist design using white space

Last year the subtle, calm and cool website trends came into limelight. Such designs are still followed by people and in the web design trends for 2020, keeping web designs simple and more minimalistic. Designs with this approach give space to information and services of the company and making it easy for people to understand things easily with one simple background color.

Interactive color schemes

In the year 2020, people will see more bold and creative color pairings, strategically used by designers to make a long-lasting impact. Such theme colors include neon glowing in dark, blues, hot pinks and purples shade, making an outstanding futuristic impact and luminous feel.

Voice and video to guide you

Website designing will expand in 2020 as the content will be more visual and audible. The use of texts will reduce and voice scripts will take part in the navigation making it simpler and easier. Such designs still need to be part of it because of wearable devices people are choosing, getting the details on the go while hearing the audio.

Reducing the time of the user and increasing usability, hence building more user-friendly designs with fewer texts to read.

Use of geometric shapes and patterns

In websites, design patterns will be evolving in the form of different shapes, sizes and lines though it was one of the trends in 2020 and such designs are still carrying on as a comeback 0f 2020.

Such designs will include animations to make it more attractive and worthy of understanding. Apart from geometrics, users will find large and minimal font sizes for larger impact. We remember things in bold and these designs are going in the box of 2020 web design trends.

Artificial intelligence in web designing

Technology is expanding in web designing and artificial intelligence is also taking part to automate the aspects of it. Such incorporation will make designers part easier and quicker hence helping in having contextual technology. Helping in understanding human behavior, interpreting it creates a personal touch.

Technology and trends keep evolving and when talking of online visibility, it will evolve and mesmerize with innovations. As people are investing their time for better UI and UX experience.

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