10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Development Company?

10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Development Company

Having a wonderful website for your business is a must. Whether yours is a small business or large enterprise, the selection of right web development company for building great website is a tedious job. Claims of being the top company in web development or leading web development organization by everyone makes it more difficult to choose one. More confusion arises when luring offers are made by the companies where they claim to offer something that’s hard to ignore. With misinformation spread all over and lack of awareness on what kind of questions must be asked, most clients face this issue while choosing web development company.

We would like to help you with right kind of information you can use in choosing the web development company. A set of right questions that would be helpful. Being a business representative your must be able to differentiate companies that are genuine & have right people to deliver your project in time. Please go through the below information & we believe you would find the best technology partner for your company:

1) Address:

This is the first thing in verifying the company is genuine. You should check the contact address, whether the same is available on Google Map or listed on popular websites.

2) Phone/Email verification:

You should check whether genuine phone numbers, email addresses are mentioned. Sometimes the contact details are wrong and when you face some irregularity, you wont be able to connect with them if the contact details are wrong.

3) History:

Read company history and it’s achievements in terms of web development, mobile app development. The list of items mentioned in achievement section on the website can make sure you have reached someone trustworthy.

4) Key People:

Read about company’s establishment year & key people at the company so you are aware who are the brains behind the organization. This would help you resolving any conflict that might arise during the development project you have outsourced.

5) Portfolio:

Most of the web development companies maintain the portfolio of their clients. You should ask for the portfolio of their work. Once you have their portfolio, you should do some research on whether the claimed websites/apps have been developed by the same company. You can also ask for the person who can verify their projects from the client side. Once you are satisfied, you would have list of companies which have capabilities to develop web applications.

6) Expertise:

You must discuss the technology required for the completion of your project. If you already have lists of technologies required, you should verify whether the web development company has people with expertise in those technologies? You can research and ask specific questions related to those technologies.

7) Project Tasks:

Prepare the documentation of the web development project in detail. Each important feature should be listed as accurately and clearly so they can understand its importance. Go through the document multiple times and make sure you have listed down everything that you need as outcome.

8) Delivery Time:

The company should provide you definite delivery time. It would be great if the company assure you to meet the time-frame as they have said in the documents. You should repeatedly confirm the time-frame so that they understand the importance of delivering on time. The time-frame should be part of contract documentation.

9) Costing:

This is very important for all kinds of businesses. You should negotiate and get the best cost for the project delivery. The costing should include details of whether delivery is based on basis of Cost Per Hour or Total Project Cost irrespective of hours spent. Conduct a study on how many hours would be required and calculate the costing. If the difference between Hourly rate cost and total cost offered is not very big, you should choose Total Cost model. If you believe the cost in Per hour model is very less, you can choose that one as well.

10) Contract:

This is the most important step in any outsourcing work. This is the document that defines work, delivery time-frame, costing, post-delivery support clauses etc. You should go through the document repeatedly and check if anything missing in terms of service clause from the document. The better the contract, the delivery of the project becomes smoother.

If the contract is followed word by word, the delivery of the project would become perfect and both the parts would be happy in the end.

YorviTech Track Record:

We have an exceptional track record when it comes to project delivery to our esteemed clients. We have worked in many industry verticals and established long-term client relationships with many organizations with our hard work. Our web development team & business development team works very closely during the project work and make sure the communication is smooth. If you are willing to outsource web development and mobile app development work, you should consider connecting with us & we would fairly discuss your project, cost and delivery mechanism.

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