How to hire PHP developer?

The world is now completely driven by technology and if you have a business to run then you need to have a website. If you don’t have then begin work now and create a professional impact on society. The absence of such an online presence may decrease the chances of potential customers. 

Moreover, any business with the website will have an impression as a brand, can do digital marketing, communicate with the customers via the offers 24/7. Even the dull-witted businessman knows about digital marketing that must include websites and a website must contain a home page, about us page, services page and the contact information.

This is about why you need digital marketing or a website but what are the future steps to accomplish it. So, before starting with the website development know what kind of website you want and what kind of language you want to prefer. For example to have a dynamic and static website scripting language PHP will be perfect but be prepared yourself as you don’t want to get fooled.

What is Language in Computers?

Just like humans communicate via Hindi, English or their regional language, computers also have their own language that specifies them to do different work. Languages are categorized into two levels depending on the computer understanding.

  1. Low-level Languages It’s a kind of language that is directly specific to the machines i.e. binary. The language that the machine understands as instructions.
  2. High-Level Languages – Languages that are independent symbolic like uses simple language like English that enables programmers to develop code.

There are some other kinds of languages too though these languages are not mutually exclusive rather some languages belong to multiple categories.

  1. System languages
  2. Scripting languages
  3. Domain-specific languages
  4. Visual languages
  5. Esoteric languages

One of the widely used computer languages is a scripting language that gives a series of commands within the file to execute in an action. These commands don’t need to be compiled rather it is extensively used for server-side scripting languages that include Perl, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. The language that will be best for websites will be PHP and if you want websites to be dynamic and static both then hire PHP developers.

What is PHP?

PHP, a programming language that stands for Hypertext pre-processor. If talking about history who developed it and when then Rasmus Lerdorf developed in 1994 with a name dubbed as Personal Home Page.

Why have PHP development? First of all, it’s preferred programming language for web development because of its advanced features, open-source scripting language, data encryption, server executions and can easily embed into HTML code.

Who are PHP developers?

Understand PHP developer is a specialist, who develops programs, applications and web sources using the language. They hold certification either in software development or web development only. Further with the experience, the PHP developers are categorized in levels – Junior level, Middle Level, and Senior level, so specify your need if you want to hire PHP web developers for the company or you are looking to hire a freelance PHP developer for the specific project. Get to know what are the basic skill a developer must know –

  • Knowledge of PHP programming lang.
  • Can work with SQL/MYSQL databases
  • HTML & CSS knowledge
  • Javascript understanding
  • Hold knowledge of control system
  • Frameworks experience like Lavarel, Symphony, YII2
  • Steady hands-on CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming too

Now, with a brief understanding of languages, PHP and the level of developers you can hire an expert using the give tips. But the thing necessary to keep in mind-

If you are looking to hire the PHP developer in an organization then certain steps are categorized – 

  • Firstly compose a job description with the requirement on various portals. Include the level of knowledge in technicality plus the number of hires you are looking for.
  • Specifies what kind of responsibility he/she will load, to be working under the senior or handling the client or team.
  • You can even choose a consultancy for the hiring (you can even sign contract or NDA)
  • If not consultancy then job portals will be helpful, just narrow the search result with the specified keywords
  • Conduct job interviews – During interviews, do ask for past works, experiences, technical expertise, level of expertise and check the communication skills
  • Do check the attitude of the candidate
  • Hire the Candidate on the above basis points
  • The benefit of having direct contact with the candidate at affordable prices

If you are looking for a PHP developer for a particular project as a freelancer then make sure that you hire talented freelance PHP developers or developers. There are various international and national portals for freelance developers like, Upwork and a lot more but the best part of this approach will be you connecting with the choice of specialists. To hire freelance PHP developers to follow the tips.

  • Get to know the framework you are looking for the project
  • Describe the exact goals and ask for demo samples
  • Get to know the stuff for the maintenance of the work
  • Communicate with the price and fixed it before, fluctuations in between won’t be appreciated
  • Get the communication skills beforehand while you are sharing the information.

For a short project, you can outsource the work to a dedicated team of freelancers though can’t be called them as freelancers. In outsourcing a company with a team of PHP programmers or without a team has to be chosen wisely because they may outsource the work other than the main staff. Moreover, it’s all about teamwork and outcome from the project as they already hold the team to bring the project and you working to develop one will take time.

One of the last but not least ways to hire a PHP developer will be model-based hiring. In this a limited-time project you can hire a developer on a model-based or at a fixed cost. Pays can also be done on an hourly basis depending on the person and requirement.

Web development is enormously increasing and so is the omnipresent PHP language. With the increasing boom, one can expertise it via many institutions and training. According to the need, there are various PHP developers or organizations that can make your work done in no time.

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