What are the steps to learn Web development?

Web development is a process to develop websites or applications that we can browse through Internet using browsers or mobile apps. To learn web development you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Understand how website works?

Learn about websites that are already present over the Internet. This would help you understand the functionalities possible in websites and mobile apps.

Step 2- HTML, CSS, JavaScript:

Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript so that you can develop static web pages and publish the websites. With the learning of CSS and HTML, you can have your own static websites working.

Step 3 – Front-End Skills:

Learn concepts of responsive designs, front-end skills so that you can give better presentation of information available in the databases. The better the presentation of the information, the better is the website.

Step 4 – Backend Skills:

Learn programming languages like PHP, Java or ASP.NET that can help you build dynamic websites and display information from the databases based on logics required for the business.

Step 5 – Servers & Server Management:

Learn basic server management skills so that you can upload the website to the servers and manage if there are issues. Complex websites need in-depth knowledge of the servers.