New Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

We are about to say goodbye to the year 2019 and waiting for a spectacular 2020 both in human lives as well as for us the digital marketers. Year 2019 has been phenomenal in terms new approaches digital marketers have adopted to. With growing mobile searches and now almost capturing at-least 80% of the searches, mobile phones have suddenly become very dear to marketers.

Year 2019 has lead us to think marketing from the mobile-phone user’s point of view. Technologies like PWA, Hybrid mobile apps, use of AngularJS have picked up and more businesses are becoming aware of the fact that high-end mobile apps are going to get them business in future. With availability of VR sets and 3D rendering of pictures/videos, mobile phones can now showcase products in very effective manner. User have no hesitation in making business decision on mobile as they had earlier.

Year 2020 would further establish this fact and consolidate marketing actions more towards mobile applications. With availability of high-speed data on mobile phones through 4G and upcoming 5G, desktops and laptops would face fierce competition when it comes to making business decisions.

So, what would be the focus area for digital marketers in the year 2020? With mobile-phone being the center of attraction for digital marketers, more digital marketing actions would happen in Push notifications, mobile friendly content, vertical videos, more video content, virtual-tours on local listing websites, GMBs, Google Map Ads, App-based-nearby ads, AI based curated deals and offers.

With smart devices reaching common public very easily, this new year would definitely be exciting for consumers and digital marketer. We wish best of luck to all businesses & digital marketers.

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