Top Node.JS Frameworks for 2020

As we all know, Node.JS platform is built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine that allows developers to create super-fast and scalable web applications. Node.JS is faster as it uses the event model & non-blocking I/O system helping web applications using real-time data transfer between application client and server. The request processing can be distributed among multiple systems and hence large user-base can be handled with very little efforts.

Posibility of making complex and large web applications with ease has caused the popularity of Node.JS grow exponentially in the recent past. This growth has been further complimented by the availability of some of the most used frameworks in web development. Web development companies have been using these frameworks for delivering all kinds of applications to small businesses to large enterprises. We have listed some of the top frameworks that are not just popular but also making web development an easy tasks when it comes to Node.JS based web applications. Here are the top frameworks based on Node.JS:


Express.JS, is the most popular framework based on Node.JS. This framework uses very robust functionalities that helps developer to create Single Page, Multi-Page, or Hybrid Web Applications. Based on Connect the HTTP server management framework which provides middle-ware or plugins to establish communication with other applications like software, networks, hardware or operating systems. The Express.JS based applications are high performance applications and this framework would continue to remain the most popular in 2020 as well.


Meteor is another popular framework which is written in JavaScript based on Node.JS. This helps in using the same language on server and client side. Meteor is based on a simple concept that Internet browsers only understand JavaScript and hence we can only use this language on client side. Meteor goes ahead and utilizes the power of JavaScript on the server side as well making the web application faster and scalable. The code redundancy is highly avoided with the help of this framework and this would definitely one of the most loved framework in 2020.

A JavaScript library for Node.JS, allows two-way communication in real time between server and the client machines. is primarily based on WebSocket but others like Adobe Flash Sockets, JSONP polling or long polling in AJAX can also be utilized while developing applications. Since more and more applications coming in the market have started using real time communication between server and client machine, this framework is certainly to watch-out for.


Just like Django and Ruby On Rails, Sails.JS provides functionalities to build API’s and highly scalable applications. The development cycle is very fast and hence, applications can be launched in no time. Sails.JS has ORM methods that helps creating RESTful APIs and support for handling requests in real time with the help of This framework is ideal for high-end applications like games, chat rooms, streaming etc.


Once the biggest Internet company Yahoo! developers built this platform for company’s internal use and later released worldwide as Open source framework. Mojito allows us to design flexible web applications based on JavaScript which are platform independent and utilizes browser as well as Node.JS server-machine to provide high performance to the web applications.

There are many more frameworks but we believe these are the top ones that would make real impact on web applications development in the year 2020. Node.JS is becoming more and more popular as building high-end web applications has become very easy. Thus, the above frameworks would lead the way for making Node.JS more popular!

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