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Cloud Application Development in 2021: Trends, Technologies, Cost

Cloud-based technology is the application or services which is made available to the user via the internet accessible by the cloud computing service providers. Cloud application is using the software infrastructure which stores the data remotely on the cloud that is accessible by the internet.

Cloud Application Development:

Cloud-based technology is the application or services which is made available to the user via the internet accessible by the cloud computing service providers. Cloud application is using the software infrastructure which stores the data remotely on the cloud that is accessible by the internet. 

Cloud is one of the top trending technologies for the modern enterprise world in 2021. Its main advantage is that it can be accessed at any time on any device with web browser support. Cloud computing greatly reduces time consumption, resource allocation, synchronization, and other features like security updates.

Benefits of Cloud Computing: 

  • Maintaining flexibility: The more frequent use of the cloud prevents the companies from paying the extra penny on the servers. Cloud using services like SaaS (software as a service) and Paas (product as a service), AWS, Azure for the automatic resource allocation.
  • Fast implementation: Cloud is much easier and faster only using the internet and server for the storage of the data and access. Ease of availability on different devices supports the great integration from any device anytime.
  • Lightweight and scalable: The cloud-based application is very lightweight and easy for the developer to debug and update using a single version which can be shared across all of the environment at the same time.


Top Companies Using Cloud Computing Storage Globally and In India:

  • Dropbox: One of the top leaders in cloud storage streamline support is given by Dropbox, with the accessibility to the users on their device is up to 1 terabyte of free storage. Whereas Gmail from google email service provider gives free data storage up to 5GB and the rest unlimited for the premium user.
  • Netflix: Cloud storage services are used by Netflix. Users have the flexibility to order the products and services from anywhere across the globe on the mobile device, desktops, tablets, iPad, etc.
  • Instagram: Instagram is an image-sharing application that uses cloud storage support. Now it is acquired by Facebook, comes under the private storage of the cloud.
  • Zynga: Zynga is one of the Top most mobile game app development companies in the world. Most of the Zynga workloads were introduced into the AWS (amazon web service) cloud privately in the year 2011.
  • Apriorit inc.: In Apriorit, cloud computing services are predominantly used for both open sources and commercially using the virtual computing environment for leading their software vendors.
  • AllianceTek: AllianceTek is using the fast-paced cloud computing model with its dynamic infrastructure to help in reducing the operational cost, maximizing performance, improves security and efficiency, and location independence.

Tip: [Cloud Application Development] do market research→ analyze the architecture→ hire the cloud computing developers→ to define the tech stack → test the app→ launch the app

Types of Cloud Storage: Cloud storage is divided into two subtypes private and public cloud.

Private cloud: 

  • Stable demand
  • Predictable scalability
  • Predictable amplitude
  • Geo locus
  • Self-multiplexing
  • DIY cost/competence advantage
  • Core

Public cloud

  • Variable demand
  • Predictable variation
  • Unpredictable timing
  • Unpredictable amplitude
  • Geo dispersion
  • Customer multiplexing
  • Cost/competence advantage vs DIY
  • Context

Technologies in Cloud Application Development:

Top technologies in cloud computing in 2021. We have to focus on the front and back end technologies for the development of the cloud application. Front-end technologies: react js, angular js, vue.js, and back-end technologies are node.js, java, PHP, Ruby on rails, and

Current Trends in Cloud Computing:

95% of the worldwide is using cloud computing services in 2021  

  1. Serverless Computing: Over 21% of the global business enterprise would shift to serverless cloud computing technology by the end of 2021. Now due to ease contributed by the cloud computing environment, now the developers need not consume their time on managing and configuring the servers rather than deploying their application.
  2. Hybrid Cloud Computing: Various cloud computing platforms including the amazon web services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, google cloud, the industry as a service cloud computing(IaaS), and many more. The latest trend for cloud computing integration including the third-party public server and local server. Kubernetes which is a container is among the latest cloud computing technologies which are used for managing and modifying the application code
  3. FaaS Implementation in Cloud Computing: FaaS is the function as a service cloud computing service, used for maintaining the complex infrastructure with the single code usage. It is a serverless cloud computing service that is situated around gateways, storage, and API. The coding time saves with the FaaS service. In 2021, the market expansion of the Faas is expected to reach around $8 million with an increment of 33%.

Hyper-scale data centre:  Hyperscale data centre is defined as the centre for the storage of highly scalable application and services for businesses. The range of the hyper-scale data center scale is highly demanded in 2021 according to the market survey and expected to grow with the increment of 27%.

Disaster recovery services: The companies are fastly moving towards disaster recovery services to decrease the recovery time. There are few legitimate rules and terms for any case to handle the disaster. 

Tip: Develop a threat cloud computing model specific for your company. 

Cost estimation for the cloud application:

Cloud computing cost of development estimation depends on the overall factors that merely affect the cost such as the development cost, the complexity of the app, developer experience, and cost and hosting and the engagement model, marketing tool cost, location service cost, etc. The price may vary depending on the location, like the price in Asia is comparatively less as compared to the European countries. 

So we have a cloud computing app is based on the 3 functionalities:

  • Simple web application: $ 40k to $ 80k
  • Medium complexity: $ 100k to $ 250k
  • High complexity: more than $250k

Developers required for the Cloud Computing Team Consists of:

  • The project manager who costs around $50
  • Business analyst costs around $70
  • UI/UX designer costs $50
  • Server-side developer costs $70
  • Front-end developer costs $ 70
  • QA specialist costs $ 40


Cloud computing is one of the latest trends in 2021 and the coming year, due to the numerous features and support it provides to the technology. It gives fast, secure, and high-performance support, less cost, and time. There are various technologies used like cloud cybersecurity and the internet of things, serverless and hybrid infrastructure. The estimated cost for the cloud computing services is around $250k with the inclusion of the high-end technocrats. YorviTech is providing the high-end solution for cloud computing services in mobile app services and web development services. 

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  • Digital Marketing 9
  • Mobile App Development 4
  • Web Design 3
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  • Hybrid App Development 4
  • E-Commerce App Development 4

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