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PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap was acquired by Adobe Systems in October 2011. PhoneGap produces mobile applications on all of the popular platforms including Android, iOS, Windows. PhoneGap Application can give you the confidence that you can work on the intended devices without any interruption. It is an open source framework, giving an ability to the users to create amazing apps using mobile app development and web development technology. PhoneGap gives the flexibility to build the apps on the cross platform apps using the HTML, CSS and javascript.

Technologies stack we are delivering

Technologies stack we are using Target IOS, Android, Windows phone using a single codebase support for the robust response. As an excellent community support by the PhoneGap it is used by any of the operating systems. Our team of experts are committed to deliver you a visually stunning app for PhoneGap platform.

PhoneGap Development
PhoneGap Development

Benefits of PhoneGap development

  • Fast and Quick Development: With the use of the PhoneGap framework, the web developer takes less time to create the mobile application and to build the outstanding user experiences and products to the customers. Quick updates make the customer not feel any annoying experience, gain metrics and make less time for the rapid releases of the version.
  • Cross Platform Flexibility: There is time when the market and the customers demand for the hybrid and the cross platform applications for the successful fit into the market for the long run. For maintaining the potential customer, we go with the demand of using the single code structure inside the framework.
  • Native Access Functionality: PhoneGap gives accessibility to create the native apps. Use of the native app functionality gives the device excellent features like accessing the camera, gps and accelerometer and many more features implementing the native framework using the HTML,CSS and javascript.
  • Open Source Community Support: Open source development gives the flexibility to access to the web developers for accessing the thousand of mobile applications. This support gives the developers keep updates by the latest software supports and the ease of robustness. The Phonegap is supported by the Adobe Cordova team with a highly active position.
PhoneGap Development

Why choose Us?

We are delivering quality oriented and fully automated solutions for PhoneGap Development.

  • Building solutions with creativity

    Building solutions with creativity

  • Reliability is first and foremost

    Reliability is first and foremost

  • Building solutions with creativity

    Building solutions with creativity

    Blend your vision of ideas into reality by our team to top developers. We promise to deliver attractive yet user friendly designs with strong branding and user experience for our customers. We take care of design, management, development and hosting all under one place for you. We are highly specialized in crafting high end mobile app services to you .

  • Reliability is first and foremost

    Reliability is first and foremost

    We are concerned for long term relationships. We ensure to support and deliver you the high end products and services that will elaborate your digital journey and meet the requirements of your campaigns. We are transparent during the whole growing of your business.

  • Easy integration of android app

    Easy integration of PhoneGap app

    Third party integration could be daunting, we deliver mobile app solutions that help in easy exchange of the data and empowers the overall business process.

  • Fast Results

    Fast Results

    We focus on filling the gap between your ideas and the excellent solutions. This makes your business outrun the competition. Team of mobile experts are fast and responsive which makes the whole process very agile and gives your market of business as fast as possible.

  • Proven Process followed

    Proven Process followed

    We always follow a unique and proven approach to ensure that all of our projects are of highest quality.

  • Proven Process followed

    Proven Process followed

  •  Easy integration of android app

    Easy integration of PhoneGap app

  • Fast Results

    Fast Results

Hire PhoneGap

Are you in the middle of finding an PhoneGap Developer to meet
your application requirements but nowhere to find the effective solutions?

Our Phonegap developer is able to make amazing, intuitive mobile applications. They are experts on developing the app instantly and get connected to your mobile app. There is no need of any installation of the app on the mobile device, no need of the sign in process and the testing of the code, just directly using the simulator they are able to see any changes on your connected mobile devices. Now users can get the access to the device of the API’s that facility is not available on the web browser.
Hire our Phonegap developer expert in giving you the confidence for creating the specific and cross platform app. Our top PhoneGap developer uses Cordova and developers are able to build the cloud without the installation of the native SDK.
YorviTech is one of the best Phonegap App Development Companies, leveraging the best mobile development services and our developers are familiar with building amazing and responsive mobile apps for this environment.

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Here are a few Companies that believe in our solutions.

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YorviTech Solutions DNAam Client
YorviTech Solutions DIGITAL PRODUCTIVITY Client
YorviTech Solutions AUDIO SOLUTIONS Client
YorviTech Solutions Croftside tennis Client
YorviTech Solutions Find My Jobs Client
YorviTech Solutions VGO Client

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Let's build something amazing together


Everything you need to know before planning for an PhoneGap App

1. On which platforms you are going to develop PhoneGap App?

At YorviTech, we are providing native mobile app development solutions for PhoneGap. We are offering mobile app development solutions on Target IOS, Android, Windows phone using a single codebase

2. What are the processes to follow for developing a successful mobile app?

Our PhoneGap Mobile App Development team follows 3 stages for this:

  • Planning is the first stage, where proper understanding of your business and your objectives should be done for developing mobile apps, and will outline a solution.
  • Design and development is the second stage, where they create unique designs, robust models, test to remove bugs and errors in the mobile app if found.
  • Final stage is to launch the app and then marketing will follow for raising the market of the app.
3. What is the standard cost of developing an PhoneGap Mobile application?

There is no fix for building an PhoneGap mobile application. The app development cost depends on many factors including functionality, features, purpose, development hours, etc. Again, the cost of the app also depends on its complexity and your preferences.

4. How often do you share an update of the process?

Each of our mobile app development projects is allocated to an experienced project manager. They are assured to be in touch with our clients during the working hours via Skype, email and phone and acts as a single point of contact informing our clients about the progress of their projects.

5. What if I only want to enhance my existing application? Can I
get it done?

Yes, of course. You can be our partner for the development of an app right from the scratch or just to enhance the functionality of your app. You can avail our mobile app development services in its entirety or individually. In any case, we promise to deliver high-quality apps.

6. Can you help us with marketing and launching of the PhoneGap mobile application?

We have professionals who are experienced in the marketing and submission processes and they will guide you smoothly through the entire procedure. We will use official app stores. In-app promotions, direct advertising via social networking sites, analytics tools and several other methods to promote your app.

7. Can we schedule a call for discussion on my app idea for understanding of your technical capabilities?

Yes sure, we are available for a call or email to discuss your app idea, whatever seems convenient for you.

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