Get Your Website in the Lowest Cost. Here’s How?

Businesses need feature rich websites to build online presence in effective manner. Web development companies often charge hefty amounts for building websites for small businesses. Often businesses pay unnecessary money to the web development companies for features that are not required. Getting the business website well within the budget is not easy. There are multiple things that you can talk about with the web development company and bring the cost down. We have prepared a checklist that would help you get the website in the lowest possible cost. Please go through each of these mentioned below:

Features List:

Prepare a list of feature you need in the website. Do not get greedy when the web development agency talks about loads of features. You can select the features of the website based on your requirement, your industry, & purpose of the website. Some of the features are in-built in the opensource frameworks and hence they do not cost you money. For example WordPress has loads of free plugins for Chat system, Email Communication, Whatsapp Messaging, Appointments, etc.

Choose Technology:

Choosing the right technology or framework reduces the cost very much. If you need simple website with very less dynamic content on the website, combination of HTML and PHP is enough for the website and the cost would be less. If you are large enterprise and loads of data is stored and served through your website, you should choose Java so that, security remains no issue.


You can judge the costing by the time=frame web development company has defined for the delivery of the website. The less time means they have something ready-made and would not take much effort to deliver to you.


Opensource frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc requires very less efforts in doing the business specific customization. You should do some research on plugins required, features available and then decide how much customization are required and to be paid for.

Why YorviTech for Website?

Yorvitech builds business websites in very affordable cost. We are also offering the 5 page business website along with free domain name and annual web hosting only for $99. The websites are dynamic in nature and you can make more changes at very affordable cost or you can do the changes yourself. We are also offering annual webhosting space for free so you do not need to spend money for the same.

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