Top 10 website features

Top 10 Features You Must Have in Your Website

Business needs strong Internet presence so customer can learn about them. Depending on the industry vertical of the business, the approach to establish visibility on the Internet is changed. While tons of different ideas are used to build strong online business profile, the website plays a key role. With many features included in the website, it helps in growing the business. Among these features, we are explaining the main features that every business website must have.

Perfect About us Page:

An about us page on the website defines your company, its work, vision and mission. The better explanation of your work history, your achievements & what kind of company you want to become in future helps the customer make decision in doing business with you. Explanation of each of these sections e.g. Mission, Vision, Brief, History would help you build trust with the customer.

Portfolio Page:

Being an organization with some history, you should be able to explain your work in the form of portfolio. If you have worked on some projects, the graphics and text about the project must be listed on the portfolio page in attractive way. You should describe the objective of the project and your work that helped your client achieve their objective.

Our Team Page:

When you have experienced people in the team, putting their profile on the website helps you in getting more business. Suppose you have put profile of your director who has experience of nearly 20 years, the client would definitely have trust in your business. Hence, the experience of the team really matters when you want to get more business.

Team Photo Gallery:

You should have a web page that describes the life of your employees in the office. A gallery should be created to add several photographs having celebrations, inductions, meetings, client visits, & many more activities. The gallery also showcases the infrastructure you have for the employees to deliver the projects that clients are looking to get done.

Contact us Page:

The contact page is a must in any website. You should list all the office addresses, phone numbers, email addresses where any client can send their inquiry or they contact in case of any issue. If you have multiple offices you should add addresses of all the offices so the client can reach out to the nearest one. Similarly, you should define the phone numbers for various purposes; e.g. For Customer Support, For Business Development, For Careers etc.

Client Testimonials:

The positive words from the clients often help in converting new business. If you have worked with clients in the past, you should speak with them and ask them to provide feedback on the work. Then this feedback should be put on the client testimonials web page so the new clients can get to know kind of experience they can expect from you.


You should have a proper Services or Expertise pages that define the kind of works you can do for new clients. The better explanation of your expertise in various fields would help you get more business & it would be easy for you discuss business. If you have listed something that you don’t work upon, it would hamper your business.

Chat System:

When someone visits your website he/she must be able to talk to your customer support team with the help of Chat system. A perfect chat system can help you manage your client discussions & also close more business deals.

Email Functionality:

The customer must be able to send you emails from your website. This functionality can be added through a web-form that can capture the inquiry and send to your email addresses defined for various purposes. If you have multiple departments, the form must have functionality to define the department the customer wants to connect to.


With more and more websites getting hacked these days & customer data being stolen; your website should be secured through effective SSL certificate and various other anti-spam means. Your web hosting server must be protected by the Anti-virus software so that customers can provide their details on your website without being worried for data breach.

We believe that the above features would help you gain more business. We at YorviTech Solutions Pvt Ltd provide all the features in the website by default and make sure your website generate more business. If you are in need of a wonderful business website, you should connect with us through our contact page.

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