Why businesses are choosing Single Page Applications?

Single Page Application approach has been in existence for few years but it has picked up momentum recently. This is a different approach of web design than the older one; loading new HTML page on each request. In this Single Page Application approach of web designing, the content does not load with the help of loading the entire HTML page but only the DOM elements are refreshed with the help of JavaScript. Both server side JavaScript and browser JavaScript abilities are used to make this possible.

The concept of this approach has been based on the fact that while the user is reading the current page, the time can be utilized to load more content in the background. This saves the user time in browsing and user experience gets better. The HTML5 History API allows the application to alter the page’s URL without reloading the page and make different content view-able on the same page but changing the URL in the browser address bar.

So, why the businesses are using this approach rather than the conventional HTML page reload approach?

The benefits of using single page applications include the following:

Super-fast applications & Responsive Layouts:

Single page applications are faster than traditional applications and also the implementation of mobile responsiveness is required on the same page so its very easy to display the apps/web on all kinds of screens without much hassle.

Caching capabilities:

This is the best part of SPAs, as these applications utilizes caching and local data storage in the best possible manner. The SPA sends a request and stores all the data received in the local storage. This helps in using the app when the internet connectivity is not available and you want to check the same information again.

Better user experience:

With instant loading of information, responsiveness supported to the core, and availability of advanced JavaScript functionalities without writing too much of the code; the user experience goes to the next level. Better user experience leads to better customer experience and help generate more business through these apps.

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