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Cost Estimate for Local Bus Tracking App

In today's time, no one is willing to wait for the long queues for a single bus to arrive. This is techno pro time and everyone is using the mobile app to make their life more convenient. Here comes the significance of online bus-ticket booking mobile apps.

In today's time, no one is willing to wait for the long queues for a single bus to arrive. This is techno pro time and everyone is using the mobile app to make their life more convenient. Here comes the significance of online bus-ticket booking mobile apps. 

What is the Local Bus Tracking App?

City Bus Tracking app is a mobile-based application that functions through a centralized management system. The single platform checking the bus seat availability or buying tickets or making online payments via multiple secure payment modes or ticket canceling. The application facilitates everything under. If customers face an issue, they can frequently get it resolved within the app itself. 

How does the Local Bus Tracking app work within 4 easy steps to get your partner on a hassle-free journey?

For a better understanding of the Local Bus Tracking App, you must hire a mobile app developer that would help you in giving you the idea and time-cost estimate. Let's understand the basic process for the flow of working for the Local Bus Tracking App:

  • The user generates a booking request: The user visits the Local Bus Tracking App and enters the source and destination details and searches for the available option of buses.
  • Booking is done and ticket generated: Picking up one of the most suitable buses while checking all the details of fair and approximate time to reach and other amenities, they booked the ticket.  Online tickets would generate.
  • GPS allows to track the live location of the user: On the confirmation of the seat on the bus, the live location of the user can be tracked using the GPS technology which is integrated to make sure that there will be no much time lost for the finding and picking of the locations by the user and driver reaches to the location of the user on a time constraint.
  • End of journey, happy user: User reaches their destination within the time limit. They are happy with using the services of the Local Bus Tracking App.

Thus, here are the basic functional key steps of the Local Bus Tracking App. Let us see further the important features and attributes for making the app responsive and productive.

Features to know before you begin Local Bus Tracking App:

Local Bus Tracking App can make your journey more comfortable due to its extensive features. Important yet some interesting features are very necessary for your product. It is an important aspect considering the role in the app. If you want to develop an on-demand app like the Local Bus Tracking App you simply need to reach the best app development firm and get your work done. 

A list of unique features are here which is required:

Admin Panel:

  • Secure Login and Registration
  • Profile Management
  • Manage the user permission
  • View admin dashboard
  • Manage email marketing
  • Manage users and drivers
  • Manage ad promotions 
  • Easy payment gateway integration

Driver App:

  • Registration and secure login
  • Create/Manage profile
  • Manage Ticket scanning
  • Dashboard for bookings, refunds, and total revenue
  • View Sales summary
  • Manage bus routes and booking
  • View Customer reviews and ratings
  • Reporting and analytics

User App:

  • Graphical Map of booked & available seats
  • Request refund or cancel tickets
  • Choose seat and book tickets
  • Track bus live location
  • Option to choose ticket types
  • Add money to the digital wallet

Special Features for Local Bus Tracking App:

  • Review and Rate: The review and rating feature makes it easy for the user to check and express their view related to the app and any queries. Instead of aligning on the Google play store user can directly see the review on the app itself.
  • Push Notifications: Users will receive the notification in real-time. Any information can be sent via one click of a button whether it is departure time or regarding any deals or offers, conveniently the information is passed to the user.
  • Live Bus Tracking: Forgetting the real-time tracking of the location of the current user this feature is used.
  • QR code for the Ticket Validation: Users get to scan the QR code for validating the tickets.
  • Integration using CRM: This feature offers seamless connectivity between the CRM software and third-party applications. This integration improves the functionality of the app.
  • Supports chat integration: This feature ensues to enable the connectivity with the users 24*7.
  • Marketing & Promotion Tools: This marketing tactic feature is included to please the user and engage them using coupons, loyalty programs, and many more.
  • Real Analytics & Dashboard: This functionality allows to keep track of the daily real-time activities and app performance to improvise it.

How much cost required to estimate for the Local Bus Tracking App:

The cost of building an app depends on many factors:

  • According to the region, the cost varies like low for the regions like India and higher in regions like America and Europe.
  • Cost estimate varies by features categories that means it consists of simple basic features or overall advanced features depending on the requirements.
  • There are various stages for the development of an application:
    • Designing would take around 80-100 hours either for the Android or iOS platform it slightly varies.
    • Development hours would take around 500-700 hours depending on the platforms.
    • Backend infrastructure takes up to 200-300 hours
    • Development for the Admin Panel can take up to 200-300 hours.
  • The final cost to develop a complete app like the Local Bus Tracking App should be around $3k-5k including the advanced features of the  Android and iOS Platforms.

Technologies Stack involved in Local Bus Tracking App:

Technologies Stack plays an important role in Local Bus Tracking Apps. It is important that your service provider makes things easier for you and helps you earn great returns in a limited time period. Below are some of the technologies stack involved in building the Local Bus Tracking App:

  • Real-time Analytics: With the help of the analytics, Local Bus Tracking App businesses can view all the statistics related to sales, user base, the services mostly used, running price standards, and much more.
  • Push Notifications: Push technology aids in gaining user trust as well and plays a great role in reminding the users from time to time, for availing the service.
  • App Store Optimization and API integration: Do not worry about publicizing your Local Bus Tracking App, as it is already integrated with the App optimization and intelligence program that handles the keyword optimization, ratings, and reviews for making your app a big hit on the App Store.
  • GPS Tracking:  Using the GPS in a Local Bus Tracking App can assist Local Buses to identify the relevant destinations and also suggest how many miles to be covered.
  • Cloud Environment: A local Bus Tracking App loaded and engineered with cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable and handles all the communication on secured servers thus protecting the overall business integrity.

Development Team for Local Bus Tracking App:

Following are the required team to create a Local Bus Tracking App:

  1. Project Manager: He/She is the one responsible for managing the overall app development and making sure to deliver the final product to the client without any issues. He/She is the crucial communication link between all the members of the team to the other side's respective client of the business.
  2. App Developer: Responsible for developing the applications for different platforms of mobile devices like Android or iOS and front and back end developers.
  3. UI/UX Designer: Responsible for the overall look and feel of the entire app and also how user-friendly it is.
  4. Quality Analyst: They ensure the quality of the app and figure out the bug if any is found to provide the full proof of the app.
  5. Delivery Manager: Responsible for the final delivery and for further marketing and other promotional activity.

Conclusion and Solutions:

Local Bus Tracking Mobile App gives the solutions for the Customer as well as the Driver. Customers can easily book a ride without the drop of services and the Driver can easily operate with the app to track the location of the customer using GPS integration and Cloud environment gives the flexibility to secure servers. If you are the owner of the app then you can have the authority to handle the admin panel and can operate all the features. 

YorviTech has created several mobile apps for clients all over the world. If you plan to launch a bus booking app like the Local Bus Tracking App, then get in touch with our team. 

We have covered the in-depth knowledge of building a Local Bus Tracking App including the important features and cost. To develop your own mobile app you have a lot of opportunities and stacks from the market share. However, for you to succeed in delivering the right app to your customers you need the help of an experienced mobile app developer and company with experience in working on such projects. 

Give your business a boost with our robust solutions. Get a free consultation for your app idea.


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