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Top E-Commerce App Development Companies in 2021

Building your own businesses is a really fun experience that must pay off literally. Companies are trying to get into the market of E-Commerce by showcasing their own mobile applications.

Building your own businesses is a really fun experience that must pay off literally. Companies are trying to get into the market of E-Commerce by showcasing their own mobile applications. E-Commerce applications are sustaining the notion of bringing the customers back to them without any regrets. Digitization has put the lead in building a larger customer base and enhancing the brand value for the E-Commerce market. E-Commerce advancement gives a seamless shopping experience to the customer. 

There are numerous companies for E-commerce mobile app development. How do we choose among them? We must choose them according to:

  • Their firm size
  • Have industry focus
  • Multiple service line

Top E-Commerce App Development Companies in 2021

Top E-Commerce companies in 2021 are those who revolutionize the world through their service.

Below is the list of top e-commerce mobile app development companies in India and outside through their impactful strategies from their expert developers yet competitive pricing they have maintained. 

  • Absolute web: Absolute web gives the full range of solutions for custom web development, production of the content, branding, and sales, user interface designs, budget costing plan, multiple integrations.

          Services are providing API integration, platform migration, and upgrade with performance optimization, business development, and A/B testing to develop all the stages without any difficulty and monitor each of the phases. 

           Marketing is the next step for giving the future impact of the business to height. Marketing is one of the most essential steps for the better reach to the right audiences and Absolute web gives the ultimate marketing solutions including Social media marketing and management, google ads, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, email marketing with the automation tools.

  • Y media labs: Y media labs are one of the renowned companies that are known for creating world-class designs for global reputation and intuitive digital products. They have created their products for the world's most famous brands.

            Services they are offering 

  • Inclusion of data science using the insights to get deeper connections with the clients
  • Cost-effective solutions for a number of different platforms
  • Their way of developing and delivering digital products and services gives an optimized experience to the customer’s journey. Their cost-effective solutions come out using creative engineering to manifest the desired outcomes.

          What their customers say: they have built the revenue to 30 times more than the previous Saas subscriptions. The design feature enabled the file design to the unique folder hierarchy and the navigation design.


  • Magento:  Magento are experts in developing the customized application and web products. They are helping small-level startups and entrepreneurs to maximize their results with the approach of data-driven analytics.

Services they are offering: 

  • Mobile and web applications
  • E-commerce solutions with the inclusion of all the processes including the UI/UX designs and strategy development and consulting.

            Customers insight: B2B focused channel with 

Tip: Don't make the mistake of not adding a copy of important products to your E-Commerce application. Explaining the use of the product will push your customer to purchase the product.

  • BrainVire: They are the brand name when it comes to delivering e-commerce solutions with the hinge of data science and artificial intelligence and the internet of things and blockchain, cloud computing, and machine learning.

They are very much focussed on the client inclined products and satisfaction is the most fact for achieving the right amount of technology mix. Revenue boost, digital marketing

insights are used for creating the website as well as the apps. 

Services they are offering: 

  • Analytics insights 
  • Optimization and digital marketing 
  • Content and data migration
  • Omnichannel 
  • Pixafy: It's a full-service based E-Commerce company situated in  New York. They are generally giving solutions to the B2B and B2C clients for the E-Commerce platform to deliver the solutions to the clients.

Services they are delivering:

  • Architecture including planning → diagnosis audits→ conversion optimization → development of the front-end design → proceed to back end design → analytics insight → observe the client behavior to improve the overall functionality of the end product.
  • Integration support for developing the cohesion between a back office with the ERM, CRM, and CMS channels and other payment systems
  • Boost conversion rate is a very important step, work on the mis fall of the development of the previous and existing website of the new website.
  • Designing includes creative designing, UI/UX design, responsive designing, and wireframing.


  • Embitel: It is one of the leading E-Commerce development companies in India headquartered in Bangalore. They are specialized in development of mobile apps and retail app development for their B2B and B2C clients. They are having a team of experts who are building E-Commerce mobile app solutions to deliver the multiple way experience to their customers.

Services they are offering:

  • Mobile app development solutions
  • Backend service integration with the platforms like Magento, CRM, ERP, sap hybrid.
  • Integrate the multiple payment gateway services
  • Analytics and reporting handling to get a better insight into the data identification and remove any pitfalls.
  • IndiaNIC:   They are leading E-Commerce experts who are designed to give solutions for every online business irrespective of their size, model, and value. They are certified Magento, Shopify, and yahoo store partners in delivering E-Commerce solutions with great user experience and lower maintenance. Their services are best delivered on time with all the efficient quality checking at the entry-level to every level till the end. They are empowering the practical solutions while integrating the competitive pricing with the latest enrollment of the features.


Tip: Start building your relationship with relevant influencers. Only building apps is not important. What is important is the proper branding of the app. Great influencers can do promotions for the long effectiveness of the brand. 


Conclusion: Top E-Commerce companies are helping the brands to bring back their retaining customers and deliver the digital presence with entirely new levels. They are experts in building custom mobile and web applications for E-Commerce businesses. The E-Commerce applications in the market are providing a unique shopping experience with the digital platform.


YorviTech is having a winning combination of creativity with technology. Our E-Commerce app developer is integrated with delivering quality solutions and products for the top commitment level of customer satisfaction. We are long-term-based collaboration experts in providing the top E-Commerce solutions which are cultivated with a high level of understanding and innovation.



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