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Web designing is very important aspect of any web application. Customers interact with businesses through various interfaces & these interfaces need careful structuring.

What are the most important principles of web design?

Uniqueness always stands out and plays an evident role in the personality of an individual and an organization. And for this distinctive feature, you have to face the cut-throat world and set a benchmark. Every New Year brings the 365 unique opportunities to set you apart and achieve what you always wanted.

In 2020, a unique approach towards the customer is also needed and that begins with the change in the website. Well, websites are not only developed with the development or coding part, but it also requires web designs too for the presentable look.

Design changes are not only for commercial business but also for web design company/companies on whom other companies are dependent. Designers, on the other hand, are on a chase with the new beginnings that include the understanding of most important principles for web designs in 2020.

For profit-oriented and successful results, designers prefer the designs to be user-centric and any accomplishment or failure of the website depends on the functionality and feasibility. There are various websites and web design agency in India that have described the trends or what you need to do with the website but what are the essential principles to keep in mind.

So what important principles, designers should know in 2020? If anyone is interested in web designing they can learn the new principles from the experts. The list concluded in the blog is a collection of principles shared by designers itself, based on their knowledge. But before knowing what are the principles of web design, understand why these principles are necessary?

Simplicity, the key to success


“Knowledge is a process of pilling facts; wisdom lines in their simplification.” The proverb explains everything. You don’t need to just put too much information on the website, leave something for the executive too. In order to have no bouncing rate, accompany simple and sober designs on the website not only will it increase the engagement but also make your website interesting and will make the visitor stay longer.

More the simplicity the more it will generate leads and make visitors navigate on the website. A simple tip for businesses that are looking to hire a web design agency, ask them to show design themes for website development.

Maintain readability & composition


Web designs are not limited to looks, that’s pretty understandable but it is also about the understanding and position of the texts (information.) Here the term usability is included that makes sure the texts, icons, or font used in the design are giving proper insights or not.

Without any doubt text will be king and will make you move ahead in the ranking, in the same way, website information must be readable with quality content. Poor quality of content used in meta tags, meta description, title or SEO will lead to poor design and poor reviews from the user.

Never make customer wander

Nowadays people prefer a one-page website, as they want to provide much information on a call giving a personal touch. The inclusion of only inquiry forms in designs will not make people where to search for information.

Headings and subheadings hold an importance in the design part, a key part in design principles includes easy navigation. Keep the information precisely as it will help the user to decide the pros and cons without any delay. It is also suggested to have clear structure moderate visual clues and easily recognizable links for navigation.

Designs must be responsive


The word responsive though comes in the development part, where a website must look alike on all the multiple platforms but it is also part of UI and UX designs. It doesn’t need any explanation that millions of users visit the website on mobile and in that first impression, your website is found to be ups and downs in the look then nobody is gonna stay for further services.

However, the responsive point must be explained when you look forward to hire freelancers for web design parts rather than an agency.

The color palette must high-toned

In customer happiness color psychology plays a vital role and in order to revoke the mood of them via the color combination on the website then there is no way you will face bounce rate in the future. According to studies, marketers use impactful colors for websites, logos, application or social posts to have a long-lasting impact on the human and their behavior. Moreover, users will connect with the mood and website via colors.

Notify the customer


One of the latest principles included in the designing part is push notification or pop-up notification you received when you visit the website. Most people get annoyed and keep it disabled while they are in the middle of something. Interpret and understand who the target audience is and what they need. To enable notification you have to sell some valuable information and try to balance between the subject and frequency of information.

Don’t make them wait

In the constant running world, nobody is gonna stand and wait for your website to load instead they will switch to another website for information. Here we are talking about loading time, the more you make them wait, and the early user will fly.

Loading speed is majorly affected by the images, codes, server, internet and a lot more, here designers are required to optimize the page and take no time in loading.

Be prompt with testing

With all those mentioned principles, never forget to test the principles as it will give you crucial insights and can lead to significant problems and issues solving related to layout. Even though testing is late you can do it and it will help in understanding and comparing other layouts with the generation of specific points of view.

The bottom line is principles help you go in the direction where a business will have more visitors, increased traffic and converting leads. The future is changing constantly and the principle mentioned will evolve in a modern way but for now, they will be an important part of 2020.



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