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What is the difference between a UX and UI designer and a web designer?

Designing a website as per the algorithm of Google is mandatory, as you will immediately attain a high rank in comparison to competitors. During the

Designing a website as per the algorithm of Google is mandatory, as you will immediately attain a high rank in comparison to competitors. During the development of a website, there are mandatory steps that can’t be ignored. For this purpose, you must hire one of the best Web design ServicesExperts will design websites that are easy to navigate and have engaging features. Companies that do not have beautiful websites tend to lose a large number of customers to their immediate competitors.

Things to keep in mind before hiring a professional

hiring a professional

Before you make a contact with a professional you need to see to it that he or she has experience in multimedia designing, webpage scripting, digital imaging, web development, etc. Most of the Web design agency has professionals who have years of experience in designing animations, editing audio/ video, multimedia programming, etc. Furthermore, it is also essential that professionals deliver work in the prescribed time interval and also have acknowledgments about several norms of plagiarism. 

Do web designers play part in front and back end?

Of course, they do, professional web designers do take care of the client and server-side categories. They are thorough with HTML, CSS, and several other coding languages to make stunning visuals for your website. Furthermore, to deliver quality work at the back-end they also code the site with .Net, Python, Ruby, etc.

How web designers will help you in propagating online business?

Eye-catching layout

Eye-catching layout

First and foremost thing, professional designers do have a clear understanding of sales tactics over digital platforms. Thus they will easily place Call To Action button at a convenient place on the landing page of your web portal. Experts will also make the button unique and easy to distinguish this way most first-time users will respond to your proposal positively. On your home page professionals will even highlight several proposals and unique selling propositions, this will attract customers.

Consistency is the key

While designing your website professionals do maintain consistency, as per the rules you may get the unique looking home page but the rest of the pages are created on the same theme. Professionals use a similar color palette, logo, typography, and layout throughout the site along with proper hierarchy. This will provide an official look at the portal which helps you impart a great impression on your customers and business partners.



Professionals do take care of the header, footer, and body of your official web portal. In most cases, they choose to opt for a hamburger shape since it makes the website easy to navigate. At the bottom of every web page experts also offers a back-to-top menu option. This way your customers can save a relative amount of time in case they are surfing through a heavy e-commerce website. Proper footer optimization also provides aid in making conversation with your prospect and loyal customers. Here web designers provide your contact information which even helps you to gain the confidence of your audience.

Crisp interface

Crisp interface

When you hire professionals from Web Design Company then they make a portal that is easy to read by the targeted audience. During the designing process, experts use quality text and attractive imagery, they even use ghost buttons, intuitive navigation, and cover whitespaces in every possible way they can. 

Hidden menu

Designers also make websites that are very responsive and can even operate easily on several handheld devices. One of the best features of such websites is the hidden menu which offers a striking look and clutter-free interface. The hidden menu also allows users to surf the website in a better manner and choose from different products offered by you.

Engagement with social media

Engagement with social media

Website designers also offer links to several social media platforms on your home page. This way your customers can interact with you easily. Offering links to social media platforms on your website is a prospective endeavor since you will influence like-minded customers to discuss your branded products that will offer you positive word-of-mouth publicity in the long run.

Engrossing Color Schema

To provide your website aesthetic look expert designers use different color schemes. Professionals use two color schemes viz. analogous and complementary. With the use of the analogous color scheme, experts use color pairs that complement each other. This offers a sober and traditional look to your website. In contrast to this complementary color combination offers a contrasting combination.



You can’t overlook this attribute of a professional website designer, they create a timeline on your portal, and thus every other visitor will know your accomplishments. Professionals use captivating graphics for storytelling since it has a great impact on your user.

UX and UI development

UX and UI development

UI UX and web development considered as one of essential parts of the website designing process. Professionals provide an excellent UI interface to your website so that users do not have to think twice before choosing a menu option. In the UI section, experts make pictographic representations of options self-explanatory. 

Moreover, designers even decide which option they should showcase on a page all the time so that it would be relatively easy for your users to surf through different pages. Proper space management also plays a great role in UI, sites that are either too compact or have much white space can’t create a great impression on users.

User experience, on the other hand, deals with several other important aspects viz. visual flow throughout the screen, representing emotions with the help of color hues, correct timing, etc. At this stage, experts work on how the interaction can be created between your website and user, they offer more concern to the contextual design of the website.  


It is your sole responsibility to design your official website in such a manner that users can surf through it without any hassle. Web portals that are user interactive help companies to increase customer base ten-fold and gain large market share. Expert website designers will help you in this regard by developing engrossing visuals and excellent UI.

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