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Web designing is very important aspect of any web application. Customers interact with businesses through various interfaces & these interfaces need careful structuring.

What is the top Social Media Platform for Marketing?

It’s been more than one month since 2020 and we have not talked about social media and how so far there are no discussions on it. The year has already begun as a tech-savvy year and people are still into their mobile and social media platforms posting about their life and new resolution.

When there is so much to talk about and introduce about social media then why not. Firstly, the internet, smartphones and then social media. Everything in life is introduced within the timeframe. Social media site was introduced in 1997 by the name of Six Degrees where you can connect with friends and upload the picture and the rest is history.

These social media sites in recent times have played a vital role in marketing. There’s nothing to tell or elaborate about marketing that it has evolved from that door to door services to just click away order. All thanks to technology and social media marketing, this connects millions of people on a single touch.

Now there are several networking sites and social media sites that continue to grow but it is becoming difficult to choose the right ones for your business. Getting to know the correct platform, the correct target audience to maximize your brand reach, engage with the right people along with the achievement of social media goals.

Here is the compiled information every business owner should know that’ll enable any organization or its brand to reach certain levels. Depending on various kinds of business here are websites and apps for business and product social media optimization.


Past years it was Facebook which was recognized as the top marketing site for promotion but due to privacy policy people have shifted their trust and social experience to Telegram. The top-notch service of Telegram includes security and connections to a variety of people and organizations depending on the nature you desire.

Apart from sites, people can use the service of the platform on Android and iOS devices.

Meet Up

A completely new concept marketing platform or social media application of 2020 that connects with the people across the cities who can join the community for the common purpose, interest or service. The apps work on a monthly or annual subscription and are available on iOS and Android phones.



Widely accepted and best platforms that enable organizations and experts to connect for professional services or projects. The majority of people on this platform are either working in business, own a business representing a business or an individual.

Using LinkedIn will land you to the social media optimization benefits, which will make your services profile or business have a wide approach and awareness, hence targeting the right audience. 



One of the famous and widely used social media platforms is Instagram with millions of users around the globe. Via the platform one can increase the connections, brand their services and themselves using images, stories, videos, and IGTV (for long videos) among the young generation. To market, the brand one can use rich analytics provided in the platform.


Facebook, no doubt one of the widely used messaging platforms, introduced in 2011. Being the unique and first one in the market they get the benefit of millions of users. The platform brings expanded features that connect family and friends. Apart from these benefits you can enjoy advertising of the businesses, send the newsletter, post job opening, or create group or page for any kind information like a job, freelancing, rentals or trading of goods and services.



Twitter is a hub for intellectuals and memes. Every first news and information is posted here. It’s not like Facebook you can post without any word limit, here anyone can promote or market the service to the right audience within prescribed information. It’s like a short and simple concept for clear and elaborated information.

It’s a social media platform for customer service and around 80% of social customer service is requested here. Another benefit of the social platform is real-time info from around the world uniquely and differently.


Pinterest is a heart for creative designers and artists; they can just create and build something on Pinterest without any interruption. It moreover elaborates that visual content can also tell a lot of information and can become influencers, who are going to have a bright and earning future.

New ideas can be found here or one can find old ideas presented in a new way. The platform can connect a lot of people and when you are seeking SMM & SMO services in India then this platform will generate potential customers and can help an organization develop as a brand.


This platform is coming out of the box in 2020 and it is recognized, people are using this platform to connect with audiences with informative content and information. A completely content-based platform, where one can get a lot of knowledge from experts and build a market with these small steps.



How can we forget about his social media platform, no need for any explanation for the platform and now with WhatsApp business people are selling their products and good online using this platform? One of the best social media apps used by more than 180 countries initially. Perfect place to maintain the personal touch and professional communication with the customer.

Tik Tok

Famous social media app, which not only makes funny videos but also provides the information content on health, food and a lot more. The app is most prevalent in Asia but widely spread in the west, hence creating large social media engagement across the globe.



One of the best and oldest video streaming sites and apps. Here one can publish videos, songs, create their playlist, go live, share their stores and a lot more with the passing time. Promote the brand with the ads and videos relating to the audience.

All these have begun from zero and now they are on the top with their uniqueness. Without any confusion, these websites will be helpful for marketing in 2020 and social media presence or one can call it digital branding.

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