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Why should your E-Commerce business care about Social Media Engagement?

Social media marketing is the roof of the E-Commerce store for branding, promotion, generating sales and attracting online followers. There are many benefits of using social media for the E-Commerce business.

E-Commerce for social media:

Social media marketing is the roof of the E-Commerce store for branding, promotion, generating sales, and attracting online followers. There are many benefits of using social media for the E-Commerce business. Reaching the right target audience by running their PPC campaigns, advertising their channel, and repeating potential customers, showcasing their brand’s online presence on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Strategies used by E-Commerce business for Social Media Engagement

  • Creating the goals: Goals to be defined first as the basic building block before implementing any project. There are few benchmarks that need to be considered like what amount of traffic is needed, the number of followers count, their engagement rate and the conversion rate. The goal should be defined at the first stage for the figure out at this stage if the project will be successful in the later stages and the overall monitoring progress of the project.
  • Optimize the posts: Optimizing according to the keywords will lead to the more potential customer with the new ones. Hashtags and use of relevant keywords specially the long tail keywords enable visibility while searching for the topic information. It helps to uncover the new content for the users. It consists of the videos, images, infographics are the important tools for optimizing.
  • Share visuals: Near about the 85% of the marketers are using the visual assets for promoting their social media platforms. Their client can trigger the lead of purchasing the product after watching the video. Visual rules the social media triggering. It's one of the single most effective ways for driving sales. 
  • Create video strategy for YouTube: When we are talking about the videos then it's obvious that YouTube is the best platform. It gives a great addition to the E-Commerce platform on promoting their products by social media marketing. YouTube advertising is able to reach out the large audience to inspire as well as build trust to the customers.
  • Leverage the analytics power of data: There is an analytics tool which can give the ability to the user for data mining and tracking of the user. Based on the behaviour of the customer like what to buy, their thought process and the other attributes which lets you monitor the user behaviour. It gives the real time analytics feature to track their activities, what time the most buyers are available and their history. Sessions, metrics, conversions, all facilitate your business for developing the strategic decisions on real time data.
  • Engage followers: Engagement of the follower is required for the increasing the traffic and sales. The content should be well enough for the engagement makes them trigger the action like responding to the comment and increase their interest for the product.

Tip: Use conversion-oriented content and the right influencer for connecting with your target audience in a cost-effective way. 

  •  Employ hashtags: Most basic thing for the social market. It serves on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to enhance the organic discovery of the content. 
  • Build relationships with influencers: Great influences are those who can help in making them purchase. They have led the ROI to 11 times than the old marketing tactic. Choosing the right influencer can build brand value.
  • Add promotional offers: Promotion of anything creates a huge response by the potential and new clients. They could be more responsive when you offered them a great deal or offer or giveaway. Lenskart is a good example for this. They have gained huge success in their marketing campaign by using this tactic. This also brings you deep insight to your audience and establishes a greater engagement.

Best Social Media Platforms for E-Commerce:

  • Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media platform with a huge active audience of 1.5 billion and who are spending about 40 minutes on average. You have the taste of what your users want to seem like they want to see interesting content on your site or they want some offers, promotions, sales announcements, or anything your followers want to see. You can use Facebook for the effective running of any marketing campaign and reach the user according to the demographics, age-based, gender-based, behavior, etc. It's the ideal option for putting your brand in front of a specific audience.
  • Instagram: It's been the third most important social media platform with over 500 million monthly active users ideal for sharing the photos. E-Commerce companies hit this platform for the showcasing of their images. It easily gives the target audience the scoop of their business. 
  • Twitter: It's the second large platform to be targeted by E-Commerce companies. It has nearly about 800 million active users. Around 80%of the companies say that they have a high impact on the target audience by using the Twitter platform. Online reputation, establishing relationships lead customers to feel good. Users can tweet to directly put their opinion and get good customer service.


Tips: Most effective factors that count for the social media engagement:

  • Higher engagement rate
  • Less response time for comments, reviews, questions
  • Use automation
  • Be social
  • Keep the mobile in head

Conclusion: As a social media marketer your goal for the E-Commerce industry is to increase sales while engaging the potential customers and involving new customers as well.

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