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Why Content Audits are so Important?

Mere creating an official website for your company is not enough; you are required to work on it so that it can gain a higher

Mere creating an official website for your company is not enough; you are required to work on it so that it can gain a higher ranking on several search engines. Among all websites, promotional activities creation of content holds the greatest attributes. The process of content marketing is not an easy task, you need to have years of experience and it is time-consuming. Thus it would be beneficial if you hire a team of professionals to undertake such a task on your behalf.

Things that are given importance during content-auditing

During the process of content-auditing professional writers will go through the articles written on your official websites and see to it whether they are written as per the Google algorithms. Stuffing articles unnecessarily with keywords is a big no as Google may blacklist your web portal. Experts will also keep in mind whether the articles are based around keywords and are engaging enough or not.

Benefits which you’ll receive through content-auditing

A proper and organized content-auditing will increase the usability and accessibility of your website. Furthermore, your overall information architecture will improve and you will also be able to focus more on your prospects through different stages of sales funnel. This process is also very essential and effective while you are planning to migrate your website. Experts will just delete obsolete data that they find irrelevant.

The process of content-auditing also provides relevant aid in updating your website in a timely manner. Thus you can keep up to date with the latest information. This will ultimately increase the time spent by your prospective users on your portal.

Steps included in the process

Identification of main goals

Initially, it is very essential to figure out problems that you need to address, here you are required to choose goals viz. SEO efficiency, editorial planning, proper maintenance of metadata, etc. In the initial stage, professionals will also thoroughly help you with editorial planning. They will also see to it whether the content has consistent messaging or not. Consistent messaging is very essential for content as it helps Google crawlers to find your site easily whenever a user types in a relative keyword.

The content you need to include

You are required to make a list of the data which you need to keep on your website, which can be technical, informative or the latest information about the development in your organization. It is prospective to make sub-sub categories before you hire professionals.

Defining the inventory

Defining the inventory

Here experts will assist you in defining data that you need to capture inside of the inventory. You need to keep track of several subcategories viz. headline, URL, a summary of the content and identification of the interested audience. Experts also use analytics during the process, thus experts will provide assistance in enriching the content which has got less number of likes in the past.

Start the auditing

Finally, experts will start the process of auditing where they will only keep the refined and informative article on your website. The process focuses on several aspects of a website viz. home page, headlines, tags, menu options, etc.

Strategies that will help to create great content

Give importance to keywords

Give importance to keywords

Experts of content marketing companies also see to it that whether you are following every other Search Engine Optimization technique or not. All of the keywords used in your content will get crossed checked on Keyword Planner provided by Google. During the time of content, auditing professionals make sure that the keywords are used properly in the body, title, sub-heading, and meta-description.

Gap Analysis

During the process of content, auditing professionals do undertake a gap analysis. Due to this process, you will come to know whether the information which you have provided on your official website is up to the mark or not. Information is thoroughly analyzed and then professionals will compare it with priority topics, current landscapes, and competition.

Auditing of Competitive Articles

Auditing of competitive articles

Indeed, content-auditors will even look at the articles written by your immediate competitors, this way you will get to know about the keywords (long or short-tailed) which have been used by them. Auditing the content of your competitors will also make you aware of the lingo which they use with their customers and you can follow their footsteps if their ideology is worth it.

Engagement of the content

This is another Content Marketing Strategy with which you will come to know how many of your customers are engaged with the information on your web portal. Customers who are engaged tend to share the content with their contacts, thus it helps you to propagate your brand to a large number of potential customers.

Buying cycle of a customer and content-auditing

With the help of the content-auditing process, experts will not only help you to make information on your portal look genuine and engaging but it even helps you to map the buying cycle of customers. This way you could create informative articles that will engage your customers and increase the overall ROI of your organization.

Knowledge about CTA

Call To Action is considered one of the most essential features of companies that tend to take their business online. Professionals will make you understand the importance of CTA while auditing the content of your professional site. Thus in a short span of time your loyal clients and even prospective customers will like the content on your website.

Knowledge about KPI

Before undertaking the process of content-auditing professionals will keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators. This way they know what measures they can take to make articles on your site more informative to customers.


To make your website more competitive with respect to an immediate competitor it is very essential to keep it up to date. For this process, you should hire professionals who perform content auditing. After the process is over your site will get updated with engaging content that will help you gain a large customer base. The process is also very essential when you are planning to migrate your website as it saves a relative amount of time and storage.




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