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How Google search works?

In today’s world of fast internet connectivity, Google is considered as a cornerstone and benchmark for every other company aspiring to unveil its own search

In today’s world of fast internet connectivity, Google is considered as a cornerstone and benchmark for every other company aspiring to unveil its own search engine. With just one click on the search button tab, Google offers you relevant results, that too in a well-organized fashion. This search engine is also considered as one of the most effective tools for companies big or small to get a large number of customers in a small-time duration.

Working of Google search

No matter whether you are an owner of a well-established firm or newly formed company it is very essential to keep an eye on digital marketing trends. For this reason, you are required to thoroughly acknowledge the technical working of the Google search engine. Like every other search engine, Google also gathers the relevant information through several sources viz. public database, submitted information by writers, web pages, etc.



This is the primary step in which Google uses its bots or crawlers in search of content, relative to the keywords typed in the search bar. Web pages do not have any central registry, thus Google has to search for new pages. To make your page accessible to the crawlers you are required to submit a sitemap for your web portal. Furthermore, you can even submit an individual URL and can even create backlinks to a page. You can even employ an excellent navigation system on your home page, this way your site can easily be read by the bots.

In case you have made your webpage inaccessible to any anonymous user then the bots won’t be able to crawl over it. Duplicate pages are scanned less frequently by Google bot. If you have blocked robot.txt on any of your official pages then Google crawlers can’t scan them.



At this stage image catalog, page content and embedded videos get thoroughly analyzed by Google. The content of your website and check whether you have fulfilled every other algorithmic norm or not. Then the relevant information about your page is stored inside of a database called Google index. You can undertake several measures with which indexing of your page will get increased viz. creating short page titles, write engaging content and write compelling meta-description about your official site.



At the final stage, Google showcases the results based on page ranking which is based on several factors viz. quality answers, user experience, and his or her geographical location. You need to update the site’s content, make it mobile-friendly and use best SEO practices to increase your overall ranking. Following proper guidelines of Webmasters will help you to avoid certain pitfalls.

Older websites tend to get a higher rank with respect to the new ones; moreover, you also need to post frequently on your website. The total number of genuine links enhances the ranking of a web portal, in the long run, it also helps you create your own niche. Frequency of keyword and their types viz. long and short-tail also plays a great role in website promotion over the internet.

Effective strategies with which you can enhance site optimization

Find fresh content ideas

Find fresh content ideas

Content is considered as the king of every other official website as it helps you to engage your customers. With the help of Google Trend, you can easily acknowledge intriguing topics that will engage the audience. The application even allows you to choose different filters viz. terms which are popular and recent topics. You can even learn about certain ways with which customers search Google.

Focus more on seasonality

Before you start to write content on a specific topic you need to look at the particular topic in Google-trends. It is encouraged that you set a filter for the last 5 years and see how products and services related to the topic get affected. Furthermore, you should also promote the content on several social media platforms. Keeping an eye on marketing trends also becomes easy with the use of the search-engine volume menu option present on this application. You will also get an idea about keywords that are searched by users more than often.

Target locally optimized content

Target locally optimized content

By focusing on the local audience will help you to increase the revenue but the process needs extensive research. Thanks to Google-trends which will make you aware of trending topics that are searched by a particular demographic population. Here you will also get an opportunity to keep an eye on the performance of your immediate competitor.

How Google-trends will help yet more customers?

With the use of Google-trends, it will be more than effective to focus on SEO and SMO strategies for your web portal. This will ultimately help you to rank your official website up on the Google search engine. Unlike SEO, SMO does not work on strict algorithms; here you get a chance to make prospects aware of your business organization through the help of several social media platforms.

Latest strategies of SEO

Latest strategies of SEO

Making short but informative videos about the products and videos that you offer will definitely help you to attract a large number of viewers. With proper implementation of voice search, you can easily attract 40% and 50% of adults and teenagers.

SMO strategies that you need to implement

When you are trying to make the audience aware of your presence through SMO then it will be wise to use your logo as a cover on your page. You also need to provide the official email of your organization as it will create confidence in your prospects.


Online presence is the key to success for small and big business organizations as customers have started to purchase products and avail services over the net. There are several norms of Google which you need to fulfill in case you want to attain high ranking. Thus you are required to learn in detail about the proper working of Google search so that you can undertake certain necessary changes in your official website. This way when any user searches content relevant to your company then they will be displayed in the results in an organized manner.



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